Your Counselling Experience

For many people the thought of seeing a Counsellor can be very daunting and a big decision.I believe in the healing power of a genuine, supportive and compassionate relationship.

Whether you are experiencing  Anxiety, a life changing event, or your use of substances is having a negative impact on your life you may may feel powerless, misunderstood or don't know where to start. I often work with people who for one reason or another use substances ( alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs ) as a means of coping. Sometimes the effects of this dependency is subtle and we can pass it off in everyday life convincing ourselves its ok. Other times we are unable to manage our coping mechanisms and need a listening ear that is not directly involved. 

If you have decided to take the first step and seek Counselling,  I can offer you a warm and caring space to  support  you to explore the reason for your difficulty together in a safe environment. I am BACP registered, receive regular professional supervision and am fully insured with PolicyBee.